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From: DOGG
Subject: bruthaly luv-4BRUTHALY LUV -4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCENE-1<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCENE-2<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCENE-3<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCENE-4<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Milt's car sat parked on a secluded dirt road in the hills of
Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, the engine was running to keep the heat
blasting as the two preteens child supermodel
male occupants sat in the back seat. Milt had his pants
and boxers tucked down around his ankles while his 19 year old companion
bobbed his head in his lap.
Marcus twisted his neck so that the top of his head faced the front
windshield, adjusting his throat so he could take 34 year old Milton
Howard's (Kendall's) dick down his throat more easily. He bobbed his head,
determined to reach his goal as he forced his mouth preteen hc gallery to slide down the 9 and
1/2 inch rigid pole sticking up from the older man's groin. Milt leaned
back relaxingly in his seat, his left hand on the back of Marc's bobbing
head while the right hand was stuffed down the back of the boy's boxer
brief's, thrusting his fingers in and out asian preteen bikinis of his college cunt. Marcus had
lubed his hole with his roommate's sperm before he left the dorm room, in
anticipation of this long awaited fuck.
He forced his mouth down around the base of candid preteen amateur
Milt's stiff dick, his
lips inching ever closer to the pubic hairs surrounding the base of his
pole like the roots of a tree. Marcus felt Milt's dick head press into the
start of his throat, then slowly sank down inside as he forced himself to
go deeper. Milton groaned aloud as his dick suddenly penetrated the boy's
tight throat, the thick snake slipping into the tight confides of his warm
contracting esophagus as Marcus finally rested his nose in Milt's balls.
Marcus could feel the entire dick lodged securely down the back of
his throat as he fought from gagging and vomiting all over the back of
Milt's car. He could feel the older man's long finger's pushing deeper into
him, making his ass hot for something bigger. Marcus waited until he
couldn't hold it any longer, then he slowly backed up off of Milt's dick,
dragging his lips back up the steely hard shaft until he was sucking
lovingly on the viper like head.
"Damn that feels good..." coo Milt, loving the boy's talent. When Marcus
went all the way back down on him again, Milt jammed 3 finger's up the
boy's backside, feeling his asshole snap around the embedded digits.
Marcus knew he had the man where he wanted him. With Milt's dick
down his throat and his fingers up his ass, there was no way the man was
leaving without spewing a load somewhere inside his body. He pulled back
his head, feeling the slick dick slide effortlessly from his lips as he
stroked the spit slimy shaft with his fist...
"I want some pussy..." moaned Milt, ready to fuck.
"Anything you want, daddy!" responded Marcus, shedding his clothes.
Milt watched as Marcus stripped naked in the back of his ride, then
straddled his waist as he reached back and aligned Milt's dick along the
crack of his ass. Sitting face to face, Marcus began sliding his ass crack
up and down the length of Milt's dick, making the hard pole yearn for
entrance as he teased the older man.
Milt reached back and palmed both of Marcus' ass cheeks in his
hands, squeezing them roughly as if holding two soft basketballs in his
grasp. He humped back and forth, causing his dick to run the length of
Marc's crevice as Marc leaned into his shoulder and moaned. Marcus lifted
his ass until Milt's dick head touched upon his anus, then sat back on it
as the dick wedged between his cheeks. Milt looked up into Marcus' face as
Marcus closed his eyes and sank down on the stiff dick paying homage to his
"OOOOhhhhhh GOD...!!" moaned the kid as the adult dick filled him.
"uhhh..." groaned Milt as Marcus' tight anus gripped him before sliding all
the way down.
Marcus nestled his ass into Milt's groin, sheathing nearly the
entire shaft as he sat upright in his lap. "You okay...?" asked Milt,
noticing how Marcus had stopped before his descent was complete.
"I'm okay..." assured Marcus, taking a breather. "'s just so BIG...,
it's bigger than any of the guy's I've taken in school so far...!"
"Take your time..." encouraged Milt, "...your ass feels great!"
Marcus smiled to himself as he began rising up and falling back,
slowly sliding up and down the hard dick. Milt loved it as he sat
motionless, allowing Marcus to dictate the strokes as he fucked himself and
got used to the pole shoved up his ass.
Marcus held onto Milt's round muscular shoulders as he rode him,
enjoying the scent of the man's strong cologne as he bobbed his ass up and
down on his pipe. Milt's dick split preteens child supermodel his ass cheeks wide as it sliced
between his young buns, keeping the cheeks separated. Marcus tried to hold
back the girly gasps he usually made while getting his clock cleaned, but
couldn't help but let out a few grunts and groans as his tight college
boi-pussy rode the rigid staff for all it was worth. Milt simply sat in
position as he allowed the boy to do all the work. He couldn't believe how
tight and hot his teenage ass was as it bounced along his dick like a pogo
stick. Marcus leaned in against him (chest to chest), wrapping his arms
about his neck as he began panting in his ear. Milt couldn't resist cupping
the boy's backside, feeling the firm cheeks as they bobbed along his stiff
shaft. Soon he was pulling the boy's ass up higher, extracting more of his
dick from the gripping hole before allowing the ass to drop back down on
his pole of its own weight, impaling itself. Marcus would gasp like a girl
in his ear with every preteen home webcam
descent as the hard dick and searching tip bore
through his rectum and lodged itself somewhere in cuties naked preteen his colon. Milt could
feel Marcus' hard dick pressed against his belly, smearing gobs of pre-cum
against him as they fucked. Milt had opened his shirt and lifted his
wife-beater to tuck behind his neck so he wouldn't have to go home with the
scent of another's man's pre-nut on his clothes. His wife did all of the
washing, and would be able to tell instantly if she smelt another person's
scent in his laundry.
Marcus marveled at a dream nudist preteen picture come true. He had always wanted to feel
a grown man in his boi-pussy (Milton's in particular), knowing a grown man
would take him to newer heights of ecstasy that most college boys could
never go. Sure getting pounded by his straight roommate was exciting
(especially in the beginning), but Gee came too quickly for Marcus to
really enjoy, saying that he got off on preteen under 16 fucking him raw since he couldn't
do that with girls.
Marcus had hoped fucking with an older man meant staying power,
that he would get the opportunity to actually FEEL the dick pummeling him
before filling his ass with its rich reward. And sure enough, Milton's dick
was already surpassing his expectations as Marcus began riding the older
man's dick even harder, driving his ass further down on his pole as if
trying to stake himself.
Milton could feel the boy increasing his speed as he fucked himself
harder. Milt gripped his ass tighter, helping him bob his ass faster as be
began humping up into preteen models catalog
the boy to reach his dick even deeper into his virgin
depths. Marcus could feel the dick touching areas that no other dick had
touched before. He could feel a tingling sensation deep inside his gut
every time Milt's dick head rammed all the way in. It gave Marcus extreme
pleasure, causing him to fuck harder to make sure that spot was touched
continuously. It was as if there was a pleasure button somewhere deep
inside his rectum, and only Milt's dick could reach it.
Milt felt the boy driving the full weight of his ass down into his
lap to impale himself on the entire length of his rod. He didn't mind if
the boy wanted to go crazy on his dick, but he didn't want the boy injuring
himself. Milt knew the damages a dick could do to a tight hole, and didn't
want to risk having to set with the teen in the ER all night while doctors
re-stitched his asshole.
Marcus impaled himself again and again, riding Milt's dick like a
runaway pony at a county fair. He felt like a kid again, taking his first
real ride on a horsey. He couldn't believe how exquisite his bottom felt
every time he slammed his ass down onto sexy preteen Milt's groin. The tingling
sensations in his rectum became almost unbearable as Marcus leaned back
(his arms stretched out around Milt's neck as he leaned back between the
space of the front seats) and came, erupting a volley of cum straight up
from his pulsating dick.
Milt felt the boy's tight hole grip him even tighter as he came,
drenching his hairy chest and stomach in warm cum-juice as he continued to
MYSELF...!" yelled sexy preteen gallery
the boy as preteens angels sex his orgasm began to slowly die down.
"Yeah..., all OVER ME!" laughed Milt, feeling kind of `slimed' as the warm
cum began to run down his body.
"Oh, sorry...!" said Marcus, pulling off of Milt's erection before the
married man could protest. Milt couldn't believe his eyes when he suddenly
saw Marcus lean over him and start licking up his own cum, cleaning Milt's
chest and stomach of his spilled liquid. "Did I get sexy preteen gallery it all...?" he asked,
licking his lips afterwards...
"ALL except mine...!" said Milt, changing positions as he pulled the teen
into an awkward doggy position. Marcus hadn't expected to keep fucking
after his own orgasm, but knew arguing with a horny man was preteen rape free pointless.
Milt forced Marcus up against the back seat (his head practically
shoved against the back window) as he aligned his dick back up to the worn
boi-hole and pushed in.
"ARRHHH...!!" groaned Marcus, his asshole black preteen porno
having had a few minutes to
recuperate by practically resealing itself after the first fuck.
Milt jammed his dick back up inside the boy's sucking roost, then
resumed fucking where they'd left off. With Marcus' legs spread and his
head shoved against the back window, Milt had complete access to finish
what they started. He rammed his dick back and forth, in and out of the
tight boi-cunt as the anal muscles sucked and squeezed his thrusting
ramrod. Marcus moaned and groaned like a beating victim as he took each of
Milt's thrusts, his sore asshole swallowing up the thick male appendage
full throttle with every plunge.
Marcus could asian preteen bikinis feel Milt's hands gripping into waist, holding him
tightly into place as he got closer to losing his load. Marc could feel the
older more mature man's strength as he held him in position, refusing to
let him go until his task was completed. He hammered into Marc's backside
with deep penetrating strokes, giving the teen boy the fucking he
craved. With one last valiant shove, Milt plunged his dick all the way up
into Marc's colon and came with the mighty roar of a jungle lion.
"AARRRRRRRRHHHHHH...!!!" he yelled as the cum shot out of preteen mariages him in force,
bulleting up into Marcus' gut like rapid fire from a machine gun pistol.
Marcus felt the big dick expand inside him, then felt the series of
mighty jerks and throbs as the dick filled his gut with cum. Milt gripped
him tightly about the waist, cradling his arms about his lower stomach as
he pressed himself up inside, letting his dick finish draining.
Marcus' dick hardened again during the second fucking, but it would
have to wait until he got fake naked preteens back to his dorm before it found relief...
Written by NPhillydogg (aka) Eugene Marvin.
Hit me up at for
questions, comments, and suggestions,
or, join me on Facebook for a list of updates.

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